Having reputable foundation contractors to work on a variety of foundation issues, ranging from moderate foundation crack problems to severe or total foundation failure is critical. A formal inspection will provide your best insight when it comes to guessing the cost of your individual foundation repair needs.


On average, foundation contractors in Long Island charge between 5 – 7 thousand dollars per repair job, depending on the severity of the repair that is needed.  Foundation crack repair is the most common issue seen, with repair costs ranging from 500- 1,000 each for small- scale foundation repair jobs to tens of thousands of dollars for full foundation replacements. Sticker shock is common for new homeowners when they first need to invest in foundation crack repair in the Long Island area. Some will be tempted to ignore the problem, but they would be making a dire mistake.

If you need extensive foundation repair work done, your best bet is to reach out to several Long Island foundation repair contractors and gather estimates. Depending on the contractor’s experience, job expenses, and available time, you may find that the cost of foundation repair contractors in the Long Island area can fluctuate dramatically from one business to the next. Be wary of contractors that bid too low. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Generally speaking, you would be wise to look for a fair price, but not necessarily a cheap price. Remember that all too often, you get what you pay for when it comes to home maintenance services. Foundation repair is nothing to take a gamble on- hire the right contractor and make sure that the issue is resolved before it has time to deteriorate any further.

Major foundation repair jobs come in a variety of forms depending on the structural damage at play and the tools and experience required to correct the issues. Most commonly if a home has suffered extensive foundation damage, an entirely new floor will need to be laid. This labor usually averages about $77 per square foot in the Long Island area. Foundation contractors also sometimes have to fully replace the piers or beams that make up an open foundation or add underpinnings. These projects can reach tens of thousands of dollars and then some.

In some of the most severe cases, the entire house will need to be jacked up off its foundation so that the foundation can be completely redone. Long Island foundation repair contractors are normally well-versed in major foundation repair because the city is full of older buildings and the climate can be harsh on concrete and wood bases.

Uneven ground settling causes the majority of foundation problems seen by Long Island contractors. Normally, if a contractor recognizes that this is an ongoing issue with the structure, they will offer to secure the land around the foundation for an added fee. While some homeowners may consider this expense unnecessary, it is imperative to consider the contractor’s offering and make every attempt to afford the added expense. By not fixing the underlying issues of your foundation problems, you are only asking for more expense later down the road. Resolving the underlying issue at hand is often less expensive than repairing a home’s foundation later on. In some cases, your insurance company will kick in for all or part of the foundation repair costs depending on how the damage was caused and how long it has been allowed to deteriorate.

One stability option for homes built on ever-changing soil is piering. Piering is considered to be a permanent solution to the problem, so it can be rather expensive. In this method of Long Island foundation repair, your contractor will dig deep and place piers underneath the home, stabilizing the foundation. With the piers in place, the ground may shift, but the foundation will no longer shift with it.

Your home is a place where memories are made and you can feel secure in your surroundings. It is important to take care of its issues regardless of cost. When you accept the expenses associated with home ownership, we are protecting our investment and our sentimental attachment to our structure for years to come.