Ductless AC & Heating Installation

As explained from a tech of a air conditioning repair Long Island firm, a ductless air conditioner; also called a split system. It has the condenser unit installed on the outside and the evaporating unit mounted on the inside without any ductwork. Refrigeration pipes connect the interior and the exterior units of the HVAC system.

There are varying sizes of the systems in the market. When making a choice consider the model of the unit, its cooling capacity, the cost of installation as well as the efficiency rating of the system The cost of installation and the parts needed depends on the size of the  HVAC as well as the existing infrastructure at home.



In the costing below, we take 600sq.ft for heating and cooling with a ductless system that comes with a remote control.

You would need a mini-split system with a capacity of 12,000BTU/h (cooling and heating) that comes with trims, weather stripping, hardware and all other stripping material. This would cost you around $1,200 to $1,500.

You will also need to upgrade your electrical circuit so that it serves the new system. You will require a 30 amps breaker, ½ EMT tube for the surface mount and about 30 feet of cable to reach the new unit. This will cost you around $100. The labor to do the installation and upgrade your electrical system will cost you around $350 to $500. The cost of ductless air conditioner installation Long Island differs from one company to another

Other considerations

Energy efficient slip system saves you money on the energy costs but it is a bit expensive. If you go for a system that is greater than 12,000BTUs per hour, you will need to install a multi-phase electrical circuit. For sunny rooms (have a sunroof and many windows) you need to add about 10% more A/C capacity than the general requirement.

Advantages of the ductless air conditioner

  • Quick and easy to install

Ductless air conditioning Long Island is cheaper than central air conditioning and radiant systems. You only need to install your unit and install access to power.

  • They are cheap

Ductless cooling and heating systems are cheap than equivalent duct systems. They also operate on less power saving you the hefty energy bills, as they are smaller than forced air systems. You can also create zones in the house so that the system only conditions the areas where you are occupying. This adds to energy savings.

  • Clean indoor air

As for the forced air systems, you will need a regular air duct cleaning Long Island expert to check on the ductwork regularly failure to which it will cause dust and other microbes to fill the indoor air. Ductless systems do not blow any dust and therefore maintains clean indoor air.


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